Location: Commercial & Domestic


We are experts in applying wall coverings of all types and designs, from wallpaper, wide vinyl, finished papers, traditional fabric and paper-backed vinyls.

Our services include paper removal, wall lining, installation, and treatments. Using the latest methods of application and contemporary decorating techniques, our team can deliver an efficient and professional service, guaranteeing a perfect finish every time.


Whiterock Decorators have been working for us ever since we started out in the South Wales region in 2014 and have grown with us to meet our every demanding programmes and increasing number of schemes year on year.

The quality of the work that is presented is second to none, and is never comprised. They have completed circa 2500nr rooms for us and it is a true testament of their quality and attitude that we use them on a high percentage of our schemes. I know I can rely on Whiterock.

Whiterock Decorators have grown in size during the last 4 years. With a growing labour force it can be difficult to manage quality, however they have good supervision in place to manage this. My experience of them is they cope well on busy build programs whilst maintaining quality, it’s also good to see them getting recognition in working on NHBC Pride in the job award winning sites.

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